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Announcing the First Company Dedicated to Healthcare Bankruptcy Receivables

Monday, January 28, 2013 — Introducing a bold new strategy for healthcare bankruptcy receivables.  Value Healthcare Services is the first company of its kind, dedicated exclusively to working with healthcare facilities in the area of patient bankruptcies.  Until now, most facilities write off a large percentage of their bankruptcies.  These accounts are too valuable to be written off and VHS has assembled a team of bankruptcy professionals to revolutionize the recovery process.

“It’s time to start thinking differently about bankruptcies,” says Ezra Zucker, CEO, Value Healthcare Services.  “In 2012, I traveled to over 100 hospitals, big and small, and they all face the same financial pressures.  When I asked what they thought their bankruptcies were worth, they said very little or even nothing.  We know that’s not true from our experience working with non-Healthcare related bankruptcies.”

Value Healthcare Services: A Bold New Approach

Zero Patient Contact: Bankruptcy is a Strictly Federally Regulated Process.  At no time are patients contacted, by VHS or even the healthcare facility.  Zero.

Fully Automated: The crucial first step is identifying all patient bankruptcies.  Each evening, our system checks patient information against the national bankruptcy registry.

Millions of Claims Filed: The second step is filing a proof of claim on each account in a timely manner.  We have the experience, having filed millions of claims across all 50 states.

Up to 25% Recovered: It’s possible to achieve up to 25% recovery once fully integrated.  Healthcare Facilities can regularly monitor the process, including payout details and projections.

Strict Privacy Policy: Privacy is crucial to working with patient information.  We have extensive experience in this area as well and have strict internal policies in place to protect all data.

Limited Hospital Resources Required: The 9-Step Integration Process is easy and requires little resources from the facilities we work with.  Safe, secure and accurate.

“The numbers are real and the results are real,” says Zucker.  “We are confident that we can add substantial revenue in Patient Bankruptcy Recoveries for any sized Healthcare Facility.  We are so confident because of the team we have assembled to create Value Healthcare Services.”

Value Healthcare Services: 3 Partners

Bitach Capital: Manages over $6 Billion in healthcare receivables.  Bitach has created a unique approach to recovery and has become a leader in the industry.

Ophrys: A single strategy firm focused on bankruptcy receivables.  Ophrys is the largest purchaser of bankruptcy accounts in the financial, retail and commercial sectors.

Weinstein & Riley: With extensive knowledge of bankruptcy law, W&R has filed millions of claims and recovered hundreds of millions of bankruptcy dollars.

Value Healthcare Services offers white papers, case studies and a full video library at www.valuehealthcareservices.com.

For more information:

Ezra Zucker, CEO

3545 Cruse Road, Suite 103
Lawrenceville, GA 30044


+1 404 975 4135