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Yadkin Valley Community Hospital Closes

Operator Shuts Doors Unexpectedly

In spite of the efforts of local lawmakers, Yadkin Valley Community Hospital closed its doors on May 22, 2015.

The small community hospital, located in the town of Yadkinville, North Carolina, had agreements with their operator, Hospital Management Consulting, to continue management until the end of July.

The reason for the hospital closure was due to a lack of agreement between the hospital and HMC on terms for their contract extension.  HMC closed the hospital doors as a result clear terms being reached.

In a press release, HMC expressed its desire to continue its operations, and extend the lease. However, they wanted to do so under better terms.

Hospital Thought it Had More Time

For three months prior,Yadkin Valley Community Hospital had been looking into new entities to take over the operations following July, and didn’t expect HMC to back out at an earlier date.

“We expected the group would uphold their lease agreement,” said Kevin Austin, Chairman of the Yadkin County Board of Commisiners, “and continue to provide services until that date.”

Signs that the hospital was closed indefinitely were posted on the front doors while patients were still receiving care inside.

County Felt the Closure was Illegal

Austin, who had heard rumors of the planned closure procured a restraining order from court to prevent HMC from stopping operations and shutting the hospital’s doors.

The order expressed concern over not having the hospital stay open, due to the delays in treatment for its patients that are in need of immediate care.

This effort by Austin and other officials failed as HMC closed Yadkin Valley Community Hospital anyway on Friday morning May 22.

Other Parties Expressed Interest

Before Yadkin Valley Community Hospital closed, three hospital groups had expressed interest in undertaking the operation of the health care facility. They had recently withdrew their proposals, and that had helped to facilitate the hospital’s closure.

After those deals fell through, Yadkin Valley Community Hospital continued to negotiate with HMC, but no conclusion was met.

As a result of an official county request to the above three hospitals to rescind their withdrawals, one of the hospitals, Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital, agreed and continued to discuss a proposal with Yadkin Valley Community Hospital.